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#lffl6gq lyse > @movq I usually only use eggs for baking or fry them for potatoes and spinach. @prologic Why don't you have them anymore? Did the fox get them all when the door didn't close in time? ]:->

We moved to the US. When we got back we just never got new chickens again 😢

#l3sxj7a movq > We assembled one of those yesterday: Way more exhausting than I thought. 🤣 I’m so sore …

@movq we used to have a chicken coop and a couple of chickens! I even had the door completely automated with an hour to an hour connected to my local Wi-Fi network 😆

(#t3abyzq) @novaburst Actually this is quite doable. And it would provide for a very nice “native” experience, as you would just crap the same common library in each unique UI/UX system (Java/Kotlin vs. Swift/ObjC/Framework).

We would just need to define what the library would look like.